“Wow! Our faith in contractors has been renewed……..at least with Tim Paquette! We were left a brochure in our mail box some time ago which we kept on a file for reference. What a gem he is! He came to look at the Job at the appointed time….started on time….completed on time for his estimated price, without any extra costs, although, like all construction jobs, we are certain he ran into additional expenses. The project was completed to a higher standard than expected and allowed us to put our home on the resale market on time. Thanks Tim!”

– Patricia & Ken McLeod (Montreal)


“If you are planning renovation or reparation work in your house, what you really wish for is a contractor who professionally recommends the best and most economic way to do the work, who will carry out the project exactly as proposed and on time, who leaves the place as clean as it was before, who is connected to a very competent and friendly team for specialized tasks and who really cares about your home as if it were his own. Yes, Tim Paquette fulfills all these wishes and we only hope that we would have found him already long before.”

– Gabrielle and Viktor Z. (Montréal)


“Tim did an excellent job installing new flooring and tiling in our kitchen, and re-grouting our bathroom. He showed up on time, worked fast and efficiently, and gave us an accurate quote at the outset. It’s a pleasure having someone work on your home who takes the same amount of pride in the improvements as you do. We hope to have him back again soon!.”

– Will and Cat (Montreal, Quebec)


“Mr. Paquette is a skilled, efficient workman as well as being an extremely nice person to work with! He is punctual and reliable. I found his prices very reasonable. Most of all, I appreciated his attention to detail and his concern for giving the customer what he/she asks for.”

– Carolyn G. (Montreal, Quebec)


“Tim Paquette has done a number of jobs at my home including: painting the kitchen cabinetry, tiling the backsplash and finishing the woodwork around the fireplace. All of the work was done quickly with a minimal disruption to the household (which was key as I had a 3 month old!).

He has subsequently become an invaluable resource to me. As a homeowner it is comforting to know that you have a Tim Paquette Enr. to call when you need work done.”

– Shana D. (N.D.G., Quebec)


“I wish to thank you personally for the wonderful work you have done in my home. Your care and attention to detail makes all the difference in the world. And I must say: ‘the results are spectacular’.

I do hope we have the opportunity to work on another project together soon.

– Marlene C. (Old Montreal, Quebec)



“Your attention to detail when plastering and painting my dining room and kitchen was second to none. I can’t believe how new my house looks! Thank you!”

– Miro and Hanna B. (N.D.G., Quebec)



“Nous avons grandement aimé le travail organisé et dirigé par M. Paquette dans notre appartement. Son respect des engagements, le suivi, la conclusion, sa constante disponibilité et courtoisie ont été tous des éléments fortement appréciés. 

— Charles & Brunella (Vieux Montreal, Québec)


J’aimerais vous remercier de l’excellent travail que vous avez fait à ma maison. Votre avez démontré un grand souci des détails et beaucoup de soin qui ont fait toute une différence. Et je dois dire que les résultats sont spectaculaires.

J’espère que nous aurons bientôt l’occasion de travailler de nouveau ensemble sur un autre projet.

— Marlène C. (Vieux Montréal, Québec)


Le soin apporté au plâtrage et au peinturage de la salle à dîner et de la cuisine était sans pareil. Je suis estomaqué de voir comme ma maison a pris une allure de neuf. Merci beaucoup!

— Miro et Hana B. (N.D.G., Québec)